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We have a universe of products from fresh fruit and vegetable ready for you.

We squezze fruit to produce our juice concentrate is from fresh fruit. Once we produce Juice NFC, we evaporate water to concentrate them, maintaing the best quality and nutrition matters.

Remember that if there is something different that you don’t find in our catalogue, please feel free to ask for it. we can get almost everything.

Fruit Puree Concentrate

Concentrate from natural, ripe, fresh and clean plums, through a process of concentration of plum juice (Prunus domestica).

More about Plum Puree Concentrate

Lemon comminuted 3:1 is the result of concentrate lemon comminuted 1:1

More about Lemon Puree Concentrate

Orange comminuted 3:1 is the result of concentrate lemon comminuted 1:1

More about Orange Puree Concentrate

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Phone: + 0034 968 612 364
Calle Jarama 2
30500 Molina de Segura
Murcia - Spain
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:30

We are sited in the heart of murcia, the horchard of Europe. Our offices are located in the mediterranean area, rounded of  fruit and vegetable crops.

We produce fruit concentrate Made in Spain.


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