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We have a universe of products from fresh fruit and vegetable ready for you.

Because world is changing, we developed this range of concentrates, improving with ingredients to make a perfect product for our customer production.

Fruit Concentrate is developed for the production of fruit beverages, food Industrial applications, bakery, dairy, ice cream, soft drinks, fruit prep, ready meals, jams, syrups. drinks and beverages and  more.

We mix natural  ingredients to make the accurate product that our customers need for theirs production, improving the taste for the final product.

Those Fruit concentrates can be used in many productions and usually have low prices. Our R&D is always developing new recipes to make easier productions for our customers. We export those fruit concentrates  worldwide

We produce  free from GMOs and Allergens.

Remember that if there is something different that you don’t find in our catalogue, please feel free to ask for it. we can get almost everything.

Fruit syrup concentrate

White Grape concentrate syrup is ideal the the production of soft drinks and coctails, and can be reconstituted by dilution with water.  White grape concentrate is usually manufacturer in 65 brix degree

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Red Grape concentrate syrup is ideal the the manufacture of soft drinks and coctails, and can be reconstituted by dilution with water.  Red grape concentrate can be produced in 65 or in 68 brix quality.

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Our strawberries concentrate syrup is ideal for many productions as soft drinks, energy drinks, pastisery, ice creams, jams…

We can offer may productions  18 brix, 32 brix or 65 brix.

Strawberry 18º and 32º brix are ideal for bakery, ready meals or ice creams.

Strawberry 65 brix is developed thinking in ice creams, jelly or soft drinks because is clear quality and it has less pulp.

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Pomegranate is one of the best superfruits and it is full or properties.  There are a lots of scientific studies that demonstrated that is good for cardiovascular health, reduce collesterol is good for blood circulation and is a potent antioxidant ( rich in polifenols and flavonoids)

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Our orange concentrate is produced with natural ingredients, we use all fruit to manufacture a very fruity  concentrate and with a fresh orange color.

It is suitable for many productions, mainly soft drinks, ice creams and bakery.

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This product is ideal for the production of soft drinks and beverages. Also is available for bakery, ice creams, jams , syrups or ph regulator.

With this concentrate can get a fruity fresh lemon taste and flavor.

The most important quality parameter of lemon concentrate is GPL. We produce  two varieties, lemon concentrate 400 gpl and lemon concentrate 500 gpl. Both in clear and cloudy quality.

We are produce in drums 250 kg and in aseptic bibs of 20/ 25 kg.

400 gpl

Brix 40-50

Ph 3.5 máx.

Acidity 31.0-33.0

500 gpl

Brix 50-52

Ph 3.0 máx.

Acidity 40.0-43.0

We produce or passion fruit concentrate syrup with fruit of different origins.

As others products are perfect to many productions as soft drinks, ice creams or syrups. This product has a very tropical taste and flavor.

Brix 49-51

Ph 4.0 máx.

Acidity 13 – 15

Blueberry is as pomegranate another healthy superfruit. The main use for this concentrate is production of drinks, ice creams, jellies, syrups and jams.

Brix 64.5-66.5

Ph 2.8-2.3

Acidity 2.8-3.7

We are leaders in production of raspberry concentrates. We have syrups quaities in  32 brix; mainly to the productions of jams and ice creams, and other raspberry concentrate 65 brix, for jelly, drinks or syrups. We can produce in drums 250 kg or in aseptic bib 20 kg

Raspberry 32 Brix

Brix 31.0 – 33.0

Ph 4.0 máx

Acidity 5.5 – 7.0

Raspberry 65 Brix

Brix 64 -66

Ph 4.0 máx

Acicity 12.0 – 17.0

Sweet cherry concentrate a 68 brix nd sour cherry concentrate 65 brix are the two qualities that we can produce and distribute.

The main difference is flavor and aroma of those two varieties.

Sour cherry concentrate is very used in productions of jelly’s, we produce some sourcherry concentrates as lutowaka type or montmorency type

Brix 64-68

Ph 4.0 máx

Acidity 5.5 – 6.5

Pineapple concentrate is one of the most useful concentrates, we can find this concentrate in a huge variety of productions

We can produce aseptic frozen and aseptic refrigerated qualities in drums of 250 kg or aseptic bag in box 20 or 25 kg

Brix 64 – 68

Ph 4.0 máx

Acidity 5.5 – 6.5

We mix concentrates of may fruit to develop a multifruit with some flavors and colors.

Can provide  Mediterranean multifruit, red fruit multifruit or tropical multifruit.

Aloe Vera drinks is a new trend of consumption. Aloe Vera concentrate is developed mainly for the production of soft drinks and beverages although can be used in the cosmetics and medicine industry.

Spain is leather in Aloe Vera quality.

Aloe Vera is used in skin hydration and in general for tissues elasticity and health.

It is highly effective in treating scrapes, burns, abrasions, rheumatoid arthritis, acid indigestion, inflammatory conditions in the digestive system, ulcers, and cuts.

Soft flavor makes that this concentrate can be used not only alone but in a lot of mix in productions.

Our body and skin undergo a lot many changes. With age, you experience wrinkles, fine lines, greying of hair, hair fall, poor eye vision, joint pain etc. Ageing impacts the immune system of the body and makes the person an easy prey of various infections and diseases. People often take up a healthy diet and do exercise to ensure that they do not have any visible signs of ageing.  With our healthy concentrates as Aloe Vera; we can help to prevent the ageing.

Brix 39.0 – 41.0

Ph 4.0 máx

Acidity 0.1 – 0.3

This is a puree concentrate developed to production of smoothies, fruit beverages, bakery, dairy, ice cream, drinks, jams, syrups…

it is a very fruity product with a red intense color and packed in 250 kg aprox aseptic drums or aseptic bib 20 kg

Brix 31.0 – 33.0

Ph 4.0 máx

Acidity (%w/w) ACA 2.8-3.7

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