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Organic orange juice concentrate 65 brix

Organic orange juice concentrate is made from 100% organic oranges that have been harvested and certified as organic. Years before fruit production, the plantations are monitored to ensure the fruit is entirely organic, with regular analyses of this fruit.

Once the oranges are harvested, they are taken to a factory where they are sorted and processed. The first step in the manufacturing process is to extract the juice, which is concentrated through evaporation until it reaches 65 brix.

The organic orange juice concentrate is stored in separate warehouses to ensure traceability to the customer in all cases.

At Originan B2B, we also oversee the labeling, and even though these are industrial products intended for further processing in a factory, we label them with distinctive logos indicating adherence to organic agriculture standards.

We are suppliers of organic concentrates to many countries, and our certification is equivalent to the strictest standards in different countries.




65+ 1






Best Frozen Organic Orange Juice Concentrate:

When determining the best organic orange juice concentrate, several values need to be taken into account, from sensory values to certification standards.

Our organic concentrate has a ratio that ranges from 14 to 18. The ratio is a parameter that indicates the relationship between acidity and sweetness in the concentrate. These ratios are ideal for a concentrate with great flavor and perfect acidity.

The only ingredient in our organic orange juice concentrate is 100% orange, and furthermore, the product is organically certified with complete traceability from the source.

The packaging for the industrial juice concentrate is aseptic drums weighing 265 kg. Typically, the


product is stored in deep freeze at -18°C, but some customers, due to their production needs, require a refrigerated product as it is easier to handle in the factory.

Original B2B is a certified organic manufacturer and distributor of organic orange juice concentrate, and we export our orange concentrate to some of the largest producers in Europe.

Organic orange juice concentrate is mainly used to manufacture a 100% high  quality organic orange juice nfc.

  • Net weight: 265 kg aprox. Frozen or Freeze
  • We only produce NO GMO fruits

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