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aseptic and non aseptic packing from 5 kg to 25 mt


Food bulk packing:

We provide the necessary packing accordingly to our customers needs, and can fill in 5 kg container, 20 kg bib, 1000 kg ibc and 25 mt road tan

Food bulk sizes:

Aseptic packing is the most used format in food industry. Product only has a little process of high temperature and shot time to have a low microbiology product and a high stability. This Filling inclueded an aseptic bag, filled in controlled conditions that makes microbiology is near to 0. We can have some sizes of aseptic bags, 1000 kg, 250 kg or 20 kg for the smaller sizes and consumers. 

Bag in box is the most convenient, cost -effective and  sustainable forms of packing. Many little manufacturers use this filling to theirs concentrates.

The bib storage is usually refeer or frozen, although we can filled  preserved  and storage in ambient. 

Drums are the most used packanging in the food industry, puree and juices are usually filled at  200 kg  drums and concentrates are filled at 250 /270 kg, depending  on the product density. We can also fill in aseptic refrigerated/ambient or non aseptic frozen. 

Essential oils are filled also in drums 180 kg net with nitrogen ambient to maintain the better product qualities.

IBC are used in juice concentrates for storages in refrigerated conditions and near customers.

Road tank are usually for big consumers and is used in puree, juice and concentrates.

It is very important to control travel time to maintain the best quality product. We are very experienced company with a large history in food industry and can recommend the best packing for your production

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We are sited in the heart of murcia, the horchard of Europe. Our offices are located in the mediterranean area, rounded of  fruit and vegetable crops.

We produce fruit concentrate Made in Spain.


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