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Raspberry concentrate syrup 32º brix

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Raspberry Fruit Concentrate 32 bx

Raspberry concentrate syrup

We are leaders in production of raspberry concentrates. Our raspberry concentrate is present in many world food productions. This raspberry concentrate is used to produce raspberry syrup althogh also can be uses like a syrup by himself.

Our customers used our raspberry concentrate 65 brix to produce  jelly, drinks or syrups. Also can be uses as ingredient for dairy productions.

We can produce in drums 230 kg or in aseptic bib 20 kg with 2 qualities:

Raspberry 32 Brix

with seeds

Brix 31.0 – 33.0

Ph 4.0 máx

Acidity 5.5 – 7.0

Raspberry 32 Brix without seeds

Brix 31-33

Ph 4.0 máx

Acicity 5,5 – 7,0

Raspberry  concentrate recipe:

Raspberry fruit Concentrate is made from sound and matures fruits from uneatable parts and add some ingredients to upgrade flavor and aroma of the final product.  This Raspberry syrup are squeezed or ground to produce the base of this concentrate, then we mix with other natural ingredients to produce those concentrates. This fruit production trying to maintain the original character of the original fruit as much as possible. We usually fill and distribute in aseptic freeze or frozen drums, to maintains product as fresh as possible.

Raspebrry concentrate is filled in bulk sizes and stocked at freeze conditions to maintain color and aroma till the day of final production. 

Fruit Concentrate is developed for the production of fruit beverages, food Industrial applications, bakery, dairy, ice cream, soft drinks, fruit prep, ready meals, jams, syrups. drinks and beverages and  more.

Raspeberry fruit concentrate is used in many food industrial productions , and each day is more consumed worldwide. 

The natural natural  ingredients add make this product perfect to our customers need  and for theirs production, improving the taste for the final product and make us the perfect supplier for out customers

Those Fruit concentrates can be used in many productions and usually have low prices. Our R&D is always developing new recipes to make easier productions for our customers. We export those fruit concentrates  worldwide

We produce  free from GMOs and Allergens.

All of those products are used  Juices, nectars, fruit beverages, food Industrial applications, bakery, dairy, ice cream, fruit prep, ready meals, jams, syrups…

  • Net weight: About 230 kg.
  • We only produce NO GMO 

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