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Apricot Puree concentrate from fresh fruit

Apricot puree concentrate:

By a process of concentratation, Apricot puree is evaporated till 30 – 32 brix degrees.

Apricot puree is prepared from washed and selected apricots, sifted through a steel sieve. The product is preserves by means of a high temperature-short time process, quick cooling and aseptic packaging. This process guarantees the conservation plenty of organoleptic characteristics of fruit and aseptic conditions.

Brix 30/32

Size 5mm

Black Spot < 6/10gr

Natural apricot puree concentrate:

Our Apricot puree concentrate is made from apricots picked in Spain. Apricot season is from months of May to June.  Once puree is produced, from sound and matures fruits from uneatable parts, and sieved usually at 5 mm to get a homogeneous puree, the puree is thermally processed to obtain commercial sterility and aseptically cooled and packed  in bags with Aseptic High Barrier, with 1” or 2” pressure plug fitment.

The concentration process only search to remove water from pure, and concentrate the producto to 30 brix degree.

Aseptic bags used are one-way into trunk-conical metallic with plastic cap, or recyclable cardboard drums.

All of those products are used  Juices, nectars, fruit beverages, food Industrial applications, bakery, dairy, ice cream, fruit prep, ready meals, jams, syrups…

The controlled production temperatures try to maintain flavor, and natural aroma of aprocot as soon as Vitamin C, potassium and dietary fiber naturally present at apricot fruit. 

  • Net weight: 230 kg aprox.
  • We only produce NO GMO fruitsApricot

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